M.Sc.EE (DTU) - Sun J2EE certified - BEA Weblogic certified - worked as official IBM consultant / BEA consultant ...
Profile: Specializing in programming, configuration and integration - with intense focus on business value for the customer/project! Worked in many roles. Small & large projects. Public & private sector. Strong pressure or not.

Details: born 1966-11-01, Danish citizenship, speciality is J2EE, math-physics student, educational background as M.Sc.EE, graduated 1995, will work abroad

Languages: Danish, English, German (needs refresh), French (needs refresh)

Keywords: teamplayer - always attitude "what can I do for you?" - integrity - sincerety - humbleness - calm, polite & professional

In short to remember: Worked in roles: J2EE developer, UML architect, AIX/Weblogic system operation supporter, technical tester, business case analyst

Worked in sectors: telecom, insurance, banks, finance, tax & duty, public sector citizen e-service, security system design

Certifications & education: Hands-on articles on privately hosted websites:,,,,

Historic record

Skills profile

JavaEE (J2EE) 12+ High (now)I _am_
Unix shellscript 7 Average (now) grep,awk,sed,cut,.. for AIX support
JavaScript 5 Average (now)Used in jsp and web presentation GUI libraries
SQL & PL/SQL 10+ Average (now) Familiar with Oracle..
EJB 2.0 5 High 2008Danish tax&customs+financial sector
Servlets 6 High 2008Since early at IBM
Applet/Webstart 5 High 2008Danish tax&revenue, fat client
JMS 2 High 2008Weblogic JMS, MQ JMS, WLI JMS...
JDBC 5 Average (now)Used in BEA Weblogic configuration
JSP 2 Low (now)Applied during BEA certification trail
JNI 1 Average 1999For IBM, financial sector project
RMI 4 Average 2007Applied during SCJD certification
HTML 4.0 10 Average (now)Used everywhere...
XML 4 Average (now)Used beyond what I remember..
SAX/DOM 2 Average 2009While 7N consultant, for XML handling
Eclipse 5 High (now)Since 2002, following VAJ
IntelliJ 2 Average 2008From 2007
(VAJ)VisualAgeJava 3 High 2002For IBM, team/enterprise edition
Log4J 5 High 2008Almost all projects
Maven 1 Average (now)While 7N consultant, financial sector
Ant 4 High (now)Almost all projects
Enterprise Architect 2 Average (now)Case tool
Designpatterns 5 Average 2008Applied during SCEA certification, and my site
UML 4 Average 2008Applied during SCEA certification, and my site
JUnit 3 Average 20083 projects
Middlegen (Velocity) 1 Average 2004OO mapping for Danish tax&revenue
Xdoclet 2 Average 2004EJB config for Danish tax&revenue
CVS 2 Average 2008While 7N consultant
MSVC 4 Average 2004Source repository, Danish tax&revenue
Subversion 1 Average (now)Subversion
Struts 2 Average 2006Check out
Spring 1 Average 2008Check out
Hibernate 4 Average 2008Check out
TOAD 4 Average (now)Used to inspect database, PL/SQL
SQL Developer 4 Average (now)Used to inspect database, PL/SQL
SoapUI Pro 3 Average (now)Webservice test
AIX 4.3.3/5.2 (Unix) 5 High 2005My preferred platform!
Linux 3 Average 2009Stable! Used for hosting my 30+ sites
Microsoft Windows 10+ Average (now)Used in all projects so far
BEA Weblogic 4.51, 5.1, 7.1, 8.1, 9.1 6 High (now)Certified on BEA server. Worked for BEA Systems as their consultant.
Tomcat 3 Average 2008Running private 20+ sites/virtual hosts
Jetty 3 Average (now)Used during development
Apache 4 Average (now)Container for webserver static contents
Websphere 1 Low 2007Applied while working for IBM as their consultant in Nordea Bank
MQseries 5.2.1/5.3/6.0 1 Average 2005While 7N consultant, financial sector
SunOne/IPlanet 1 Average 2005While BEA consultant, support unit
LDAP 3 Average 2004On project for Danish tax&revenue
JAAS 4 High 2008Project for Danish tax&revenue + later
Weblogic security provider 5 High 2004Project for Danish tax&revenue
Bluecoat 2 Average 20067N consultant, load-distributer use
SSL 4 Average (now)Did server certificate setup/codesigning
NAT 4 Average 2006Routing my 20+ websites
DNS 4 Low 2006Setting up DNS for my 20+ websites
Firewall 2 Low 2006Routing my 20+ websites
OS/2 3 1999IBM consultant, developed heavily on the platform
C++/C 8 1998 WatcomC++/TurboC++/VisualAgeC++
Perl 3 2004Used to manipulate log contents (filter)
M68k assembler 1 1989University: hardware-near programming
Pascal 5 1992University: algorithm & data structures
Fortran 3 1990University: mathematical calculations
ADA 1 1990University: parallel programming algo.
Lisp 1 1989University: functional specifications
Modula-2 5 1990University: modular programming
Z80 Basic 3 1984Starter language: math programs
i80x86 assembler 4 Ex-Elite 1989Remote debugging, Periscope, Softice, TASM, MASM
Sun J2EE Arkitekt 310-051 2004Passed 1st test, 2nd pending...
SCJD (310-252A, 310-027) 2004Sun Certified Developer for Java 2 Platform
SCJP (310-025) 2003Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
BEA-CSS 2003BEA Certified Specialist: Server
Fundamentals of J2EE Web application Development Using BEA 2003BEA course
Developing enterprise applications with BEA WebLogic server EJB and JMS 2003BEA course
IBM: Presentation techniques 1997IBM course
IBM: DB2 & SQL Basics 1997IBM course
IBM: OTU 1 (Java) 1997IBM course


M.Sc.EE diploma

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OTU1 Java, 1997

OTU1 Java, 1998

DB2, SQL basic

Presentation tech.

BEA J2EE 2003



Java Programmer

Java Developer