About OCES... the Danish government Digital Signature initiative

OCES is the danish abbreviation for Public Certificates for Electronic Services ("Offentlig Certifikat for Elektronisk Services"). Launced in 2003, OCES comprises Public defined certificate policies from the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency, CA approved by the agency and the underlying PKI.

Practically... this means an agreement between the Danish government and the de-facto telecom company monopoly in Denmark "Tele Denmark" or "TDC" - hereby known as TDC The contract is outlined at signatursekretariatet.dk. The contract was signed in february, 2003.

TDC OCES links

www.certifikat.dk is the official support site for technical support to TDC Digital Signature.

http://www.certifikat.dk/producer contains links to root certificates and other material for handling OCES digital signatures.

https://www.certifikat.dk/developer/eksempler.html was where I got my examples used as illustration for the source code on this site.

http://erhverv.tdc.dk/artikel.php?dogtag=tdc_e_digi_pl_pi_tek contains information (as technical as it gets from TDC) about the OCES signatures.

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