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Crypto currencies are all around us

Why not switch some of your virtual investment into physical goods?
Crypto(graphy) is at the center of all transactions today. And the technology is in fact very interesting.

Cryptography is about conscious decisions

In this field, the issue is not right or wrong decisions - but conscious decisions. You are only fully in charge of security if you also understand the limitations of your system. It allows you to act if any of the preconditions changes

Digital Signature using J2EE - source code samples explained

Adaptations in different forms. Assuming JDK 1.4+

The Danish government has attempted to introduce digital signature.

OCES is the official term for the offical danish digital signature project.

How digital signature works in J2EE explains through simple Java examples the basics in Digital Signature (public key cryptography) using J2EE.

PKCS#12 management using J2EE API provides source for a Java class handling most aspects of a file in PKCS#12 format.

CRL, PKCS#12, root certificate - using J2EE API provides source for a Java example checking into CRL (Certificate Revocation List), PKCS#12 information - and veryfying an entry in PKCS#12 using a root certificate.

These are practical examples. In reality, the issue is more complex with need to use TDC infrastructure (fx. PID_to_CVRid service) and more extensive validation using CA root certificate from a trusted source, etc.

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